Just a reminder of what the gates of heaven look like…

I guess my new look is “tired cat mom”.

Swear the song on the oldies station was a dude crooning “I really like your menstrual style”.

I am a light and I never go out

Always a little sad that I will never get to go to Heritage USA…

The acute horror of being alive.  No, wait.  The acute horror of working in a cubicle.  No.  The acute horror of suffering at work.  

All good jobs are alike, every shitty job is shitty in its own way.  Tolstoy is turning in his grave. (Why did Tolstoy never suffer from the maybe-he-didn’t-really-die type rumors a la Elvis?  Because he died so old?  No one worried? How come no one thought to cyrogenically freeze him like Walt Disney? Tolstoy just somersaulted in his grave, I am sure.)

Today at work I ate a chocolate that was shaped like a pyramid, and then it reminded me of Las Vegas, and how Las Vegas should be shaped like a pizza so I can eat it too.  Wait.  I mean it reminded me of how it took me three decades to get to Las Vegas and when I finally did, I didn’t really understand it.  It was like a shiny, glittering Easter egg all painted up for no reason, just waiting to crack.  I couldn’t find a rollercoaster anywhere.  

These are the confessional tales from the dark side of a cubicle.